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Team building: phylloxera festival

Let's celebrate the origins of cava

An original, unique activity in the Penedès region that takes you back through time, recreating an event from the end of the 19th century that affected a whole generation and forced the Penedès farmers to rethink their crops: the Phylloxera infestation.


Since 1981 the inhabitants of Sant Sadurní d'Anoia get together on the 8th of September every year to commemorate the arrival of the Phylloxera infestation in the region. With a host of characters, original festival music, dances and crowds of people all dressed in the traditional yellow, the story of this small insect is retold in the town's squares. You can also recreate this festival and feel the emotion of a people as they defeat a plague that actually helped a new and prosperous industry to emerge: cava.

Ideal for:

  • Recreating a local historical festival from the Penedès region.
  • Large groups (from 50 to 200 people).
  • Any time of the year.

The activity:

The activity is carried out as follows:

a) Introduction.
With the excuse of casting new actors for the Festa de la Fil·loxera, two members of the committee that organise the festival every year, with a theatrical and comical air, will explain to the group everything they need to know about the festival: its origins, historical context and all the typical activities. If an interior venue is available, the team will be shown an audiovisual of the festival to give them an idea of what they have to do.
b) Festival rehearsal.
The participants have to dress up and get into the different festival characters, divided into groups according to each one's role: phylloxera insects, peasants and vines. They'll be given the original costumes and models of the creatures and all the necessary resources to make this possible. Different instructors in each group will explain the role they'll have to enact afterwards and will teach them the steps they'll perform to the accompaniment of the festival music.
c) Recreating the festival.
After rehearsals, the time comes for the participants, dressed up and/or hidden inside the different models, to perform the festival pieces, following the choreography they're been taught. Depending on each company's preference, this recreation of the festival can include real fire, handled exclusively by the monitors, or coloured sparklers or no pyrotechnics at all.
d) Cava, aperitif and video playback.
The group will toast with cava, accompanied by a small aperitif, and then watch a video recorded during the activity: a short film explaining the history of the Phylloxera, starring all the activity's participants, which clients will be able to take away with them as a souvenir of an incredibly festive and original day.

The location:

 Activity designed for the outdoors.


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