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Team building: master chefs in the capital of cava

From the market to the kitchen

A fun activity in which different teams compete in preparing a first course and a dessert, made with local products from the Penedès and for which they must also choose the perfect wine for pairing.  Participants demonstrate their expertise and team spirit by first competing in the history-imbued streets of Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, the capital of Cava, as well as their culinary skills in preparing the dishes afterwards. 

Ideal for:

· Interacting with people in a different setting
· Team building whilst also having fun
· Small to medium-sized groups (up to 50 people)
· Any time of the year 

 The Activity

Groups are divided into different teams. The activity is made up of three phases: 

a) Shopping
Participants are given a budget, a list of obligatory ingredients and other basic rules they have to follow. Before going out onto the streets of Sant Sadurní, each team must decide and plan the dishes they hope will win them the competition. Afterwards, against the clock, they have to organise their shopping trip as effectively as possible. At the same time as visiting the most traditional shops in the town, the teams also have to find the answers to a series of questions related to local gastronomy given at the beginning of the activity.
b) Cooking
On their return, each team has a table and an electric hob with two plates, cooking utensils and other basic elements. The area also contains a microwave, mixers and other small kitchen appliances. Using these resources, and with the ingredients bought during their shopping trip, each team has a deadline to make their two dishes: a first course and a dessert.
c) Final assessment
The person from Cava Emotions rates each team's performance based on a series of criteria: the price and quality of the items purchased; the answers given to the questions asked at the beginning; the team's organisation in the kitchen; the presentation, flavours and textures of the dishes made, etc. At the end the members of the winning team receive a fun prize. 

The Venue 

This activity is held at the Cava Interpretation Centre of Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, in the historic heart of the town. This is an old fassina or distillery redesigned as an interactive cava museum with different areas and multipurpose rooms where meetings or other events can also be held. The first part of the activity, consisting of buying the ingredients required, takes place at the different shops in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia.

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