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Team building: a journey through 4,000 years of history

Innovation throughout history

Inside the Historical Complex of Olérdola, participants learn how to light a fire using a bow drill, to fashion stone implements in our own private cave, to make flour with mills from Iberian times, to build a wall with ancient construction techniques, to play like the Romans, try their wines, gather their medicinal plants, etc. But watch out, because someone might appear at any moment!

Ideal for:

· A company's historical celebration
· Promoting the value of innovation in the company
· Large groups (from 50 to 300 people)
· Any time of year except when it rains
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The Activity

In the heart of the nature park of Olérdola, with its unique panoramic views of the winegrowing region of El Penedès, some of the inhabitants from the Bronze Age such as the Iberians, Romans and Medieval people who occupied this area throughout history awaken for one day to propose a clever puzzle. Divided into teams, participants get to know both the inside of the Historical Complex and part of the nature park on a journey through the everyday lives of these people.
Some of the tasks that can be assigned to the teams are lighting a fire using a bow drill or fashioning stone tools in our own private cave; making flour in a mill from the Iberian era, working to build a wall using their construction techniques; playing like the Romans did; discovering the secrets hidden in the medieval tombs carved out of the rock in human shapes; writing as if they were in a medieval scriptorium, playing games that were popular in Roman times, tasting their wines, gathering their medicinal plants, etc. But watch out, because a historical figure might appear at any moment!
All these activities are based on thorough historical knowledge, accompanied by professional historians who provide opportune clues to ensure the teams pass their tests and resolve the mystery of the town of Olérdola…

The location

The historical complex of Olérdola is one of the sites of the Museum of Archaeology of Catalonia. Olérdola has been a Cultural Asset of National Interest since 1931. Its setting, of great ecological value, is a protected nature park.
The mountain of Olérdola, located in the karstic hills of the Garraf, has been a strategic site intermittently inhabited by man and with settlements of varying degree from the Bronze Age (just under 4,000 years ago) until well into the 20th century.
The site of the ancient settlements of Olérdola is known as the "cradle of the Penedès" as its inhabitants founded many of the towns and villages in the region, such as the capital, Vilafranca del Penedès.

· Space for meetings

Meetings, lunches or other events can be held inside wineries or castles, as well as in more traditional venues such as conference centres, hotels or rural accommodation.

· Brand presence

All the material required for the activity produced in accordance with the company's brand image (banners, roll-ups, menus, free gifts, etc.).

· Accommodation

Hotels of different categories, rural houses providing a hotel service, apartments and fully equipped houses, etc. Inland in the Penedès, surrounded by vineyards, or beside the Mediterranean in Sitges or other coastal towns. Please consult our selection in the Accommodation section.

· Transport service

Vehicles with different capacities to transport the group from any location and for the period of time required.

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