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Team building: human castle workshop

Working together to reach the top

Together with expert human castle builders, the Castellers de Vilafranca, we hold a very enjoyable workshop in which the group is taught the fundamentals to build genuine human castles. An amazing fun-filled activity in which people of different ages, sexes, builds and abilities join forces to build something they would never have believed possible.

Ideal for:

· Teambuilding through diversity or celebrating the results achieved.
· Showing guests from outside Catalonia one of our most attractive customs, recognised in 2010 by UNESCO as of Intangible Human Heritage.
· Large groups (from 50 to 300 people).
· Any time of the year, in the open air or indoors under a high roof.

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The Activity:

The workshop is carried out in four phases:
a) Presentation of the "castellers" or castle builders
After the team has been presented, aided by traditional music using the gralla (wind instrument) and timbal (kettledrum), the tradition and origin of human castles is explained, in particular the history of the Castellers de Vilafranca. Emphasis is placed on the similarities between this practice and the world of business.
If there's projection equipment available, the presentation begins with a brief but exciting video of images and music.
b) The technique of building human castles
Depending on the size of the group, participants may be divided into teams ("colles" in Catalan) of 50-70 people and, in their separate groups, are taught the basic building techniques, alternating brief explanations with fun exercises. This phase concludes with a rehearsal of a small castle, accompanied by the sound of the gralla flute.
c) Competition in the castle-building square
After rehearsals, the different teams get back together in the same location and simulate a castle building competition, creating their best castles, one after the other and accompanied by the musicians.
d) Conclusion of the workshop
As a farewell gift, a photograph is taken of the whole team together, with the "castellers" creating different columns.
Both the duration of the activity (between 1.5 and 3 hours) and the division into teams can vary depending on the client's interests. This activity can be complemented with a display by the Castellers de Vilafranca, with the guidance of a coach for company training purposes and also with different food and drink services.

The location:

This activity is carried out at Cal Figarot, the historical headquarters of the Castellers de Vilafranca where, in addition to having enough space both inside and out, there's also a permanent exhibition showing the group's most historic achievements, as well as facilities for rehearsals including the particular devices used.
This activity can also be carried out at any location you propose although, in the case of indoor locations, these must have a ceiling height of over 6 metres.

• Space for meetings

Meetings, lunches or other events can be held inside wineries or castles, as well as in more traditional venues such as conference centres, hotels or rural accommodation.

• Brand presence

All the material required for the activity produced in accordance with the company's brand image (banners, roll-ups, menus, free gifts, etc.).

• Accommodation

Hotels of different categories, rural houses providing a hotel service, apartments and fully equipped houses, etc. Inland in the Penedès, surrounded by vineyards, or beside the Mediterranean in Sitges or other coastal towns. Please consult our selection in the Accommodation section.

• Transport service

Vehicles with different capacities to transport the group from any location and for the period of time required.

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