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Team building: cava gymkhana

A variety of competitive activities to put yourself to the test

An assortment of different activities related to the world of wine, cava and vines, organised so that different teams carry out the series of activities in turn, competing with each other. Fun activities such as harvesting and pressing grapes the old-fashioned way, an enjoyable tasting, riding Segways through the vineyards, performing the “Peasants' Dance” and several other options from which clients can choose three or four activities.

Ideal for:

· Spending half a day among the vines enjoying a range of original activities related to the world of wine.
· Average sized groups (from 25 to 50 people) or large groups up to 100.
· Any time of year except when it rains. Except at harvest time the grapes pressed come from a supplier and are not harvested in situ.
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The Activity:

The activities are carried out near each other, in the same area. The group is organised into different teams, double the number of activities or tests to be carried out. Half the teams rotate activities in one direction and the other half in the opposite direction so that two different teams compete in each test. The activities or tests that can be chosen are as follows:
a) Workshop on vines and traditional harvesting
One of our vine guides explains the basics of viticulture surrounded by the vines themselves and, depending on the time of year, participants learn to graft, harvest or prune the vines. This workshop always ends with traditional grape-pressing and tasting the recently pressed juice or "must".
b) Fun tasting of wines or cavas
A sommelier explains the fundamental secrets of wine tasting and intersperses the tastings (of 2 or 3 wines or cavas) with curious facts about the Penedès and oenology, as well as some tests such as identifying natural aromas.
c) Segway tour through the vineyards
After a brief introduction on how to handle a Segway, the group, accompanied by one or more guides and equipped with the necessary safety measures, enjoy a pleasant tour through the vineyards and woods of the Penedès. Very easy and great fun.
d) Workshop on producing tapas or confectionery with cava
A master chef challenges participants to produce a series of cold tapas by imitating models on each team's work table and making use of available ingredients. This activity can also be carried out with desserts using chocolate and cava. At the end participants enjoy tasting their own creations.
e) Traditional games
This test is made up of Catalan skittles, trinquet (ball game) and other group games such as tug-of-war, introducing participants to pastimes that used to be popular in our region.  
f) Peasants' dance
This is one of the main attractions in the Phylloxera Festival that takes place in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia every year at the beginning of September. It recalls the history of this terrible plague and how people managed to find a solution and combat the parasite. Teams learn the steps and perform the "Ball de Pagesos" or Peasants' Dance.
Once the gymkhana has been completed, a time is chosen to present a fun prize to the winners.

The location:

This activity normally requires an indoor location for some of the tests and for the start and finish of the gymkhana. Cava Emotions can hold the gymkhana at a variety of farmhouses, wineries and rural hotels in the Penedès where companies can combine the activity with a meeting, lunch or dinner. 


• Space for meetings

Meetings, lunches or other events can be held inside wineries or castles, as well as in more traditional venues such as conference centres, hotels or rural accommodation.

• Brand presence

All the material required for the activity produced in accordance with the company's brand image (banners, roll-ups, menus, free gifts, etc.).

• Accommodation

Hotels of different categories, rural houses providing a hotel service, apartments and fully equipped houses, etc. Inland in the Penedès, surrounded by vineyards, or beside the Mediterranean in Sitges or other coastal towns. Please consult our selection in the Accommodation section.

• Transport service

Vehicles with different capacities to transport the group from any location and for the period of time required.


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