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Selling with values

Tackling dilemmas between selling and values


Selling tends to be accompanied by certain inhibiting thoughts, making it less effective. Such thoughts usually come from a perspective that creates dissonance between a person's values and those inherent in selling.

This training works on this area in combination with a practical activity carried out in the area surrounding the training venue where the group, divided into small teams, has to tackle and resolve different dilemmas related to sales.

Who it's aimed at

An organisation that wants to encourage a commercial, opportunity-generating approach in all its client interactions, such as technical support, client service and administrative management. 

Training goal and content

The workshop shows how to align commercial activity with the organisation's own values.

4-5 totally experiential hours with different dynamics aimed at changing perspectives.

    • Introduction
    • What does selling mean to you? (Discussion and exploration of different emotions and perspectives related to selling)
    • Learning and responsibility (Talk on people's ability to choose their actions based on debilitating or generative explanations)
    • Turning things around (Reformulating debilitating views from the first dynamic via generative formulas) 
    • Show me your values (Exploring individual values through success stories from business and relating these to the organisation's)

The Activity

The activity consists of a team game, in an environment of vineyards and woods around the training venue, where participants have to tackle different dilemmas related to selling and resolve these by applying values in their decision-making, a technique they have worked on previously during the workshop. 

Each of the dilemmas proposed as a challenge during the game has a range of possible solutions with different scores depending on the criteria applied. The team with the highest score wins. The aim is to reinforce the message that targets can be achieved using values that are individual but also represent the organisation.


The training is held at the Can Bas facilities, a country house built on the site of an old farmhouse and located in an impressive wine-making area so that participants can enjoy nature, the countryside, vineyards, winery, wines and history.


1 day but it can be extended to two


2 coaches


Spanish, Catalan, English.


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