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Using mentoring in a Segway trip around the vineyards


One key element in a corporate mentoring programme is to create a relationship of trust between the mentor and the mentee so that both are at the same level. Before beginning mentoring sessions it is also useful for pairs to establish the tone of their relationship, the goals and the desired alliance.

This activity is aimed at providing mentors and mentees with the basic concepts and techniques of corporate mentoring as well as to begin a relationship within an informal environment that encourages dynamic, sincere communication and tests their skills.

Learning and practising how to drive a Segway in a moderately demanding environment such as rural paths through vineyards and woods serves as a testing ground for some of these elements and also stimulates the relationship between mentor and mentee.

Who it's aimed at

Organisations that wish to implement an internal mentoring scheme. 

Training goal and content

During an initial meeting between mentors and mentees in an informal situation, the workshop aims to raise awareness of the needs of mentees, placing mentors in a situation they cannot completely dominate, principally in terms of communication skills aimed at encouraging action and learning.

This lasts between 5 and 6 hours in total, over the course of two days, aimed at preparing the mentoring process and combining theory and practice via role plays and examples.

    • Introduction
    • What mentoring is and isn't
    • Phases and management of the mentor/mentee relationship
    • How to build up an alliance and environment of trust 
    • Designing and monitoring targets
    • Empathy and assertiveness
    • Active listening
    • Giving and receiving feedback

The Activity

The activity consists of a Segway route in natural surroundings next to the training venue, where mentor and mentee explore the sensations and requirements involved in an activity and in tasks they do not master, finding out which interactions are the most effective for increasing their skill, ability and learning. 

Mentors and mentees receive training before using these vehicles. Participants have to pass through different points on the route following a pre-established order and with a deadline to reach each point, penalties being given whenever participants pass through the points before or after the established time. To avoid penalties, participants have to give precise instructions and propose corrections in the route and speed.

The activity lasts a maximum two hours, including the briefing, route and debriefing. This activity enhances mutual knowledge and trust and helps to apply the communication skills developing in the workshop.


Surrounded by vines and with impressive views of the mountain of Montserrat, Can Bonastre Wine Resort is an estate covering 100 hectares including vineyards and woods. The farmhouse dates back to the 16th century and has been completely renovated. The former farmhouse is now a beautiful hotel with a spa specialising in wine and cava treatments, as well as a restaurant offering traditional cuisine and dishes from the Penedès region. The winery has been producing its own wines and olive oil for the last fifteen years. It's located in an unbeatable rural setting on a gentle slope at the feet of the Montserrat range of hills.


2 days


2 coaches


Spanish, Catalan, English.


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