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At Cava Emotions we work to help more people enjoy unique experiences in the Penedès. However, at the same time we also realise our responsibility towards society and the environment we live in: from our local surroundings to the entire world. All of us in the Cava Emotions team, in one way or another, feel committed to this goal.

And how can we realise this? Right now we have a whole load of ideas we need to weigh up carefully. We feel the need to encourage business that is socially aware and environmentally responsible. We believe we can help people who already have sufficient self-esteem and their basic needs covered, with a strong ambition to overcome the poverty and injustice around them and with a certain entrepreneurial spirit, to define their own project and start it up. Small, environmentally responsible business projects that help to improve the lives of their owners, their families, their employees and the communities where they're. Want to help us?
Over the coming months we'll develop these ideas further and will provide more details as they emerge. For the moment, we want to pledge, straight away, 1% of our profit (when we make any, of course) to charitable actions and social responsibility. 

We'd be delighted to hear about any ideas or suggestions you may have. You can contact us via email at:

Join us in solidarity and emotions!